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Bill Farrar has been teaching the Bible for several decades and writing children's books for almost as long. As some point, he decided to write some children's books that could be used as a teaching tool. What better to teach children than the principles of fair play, kindness and integrity?

Bill's background in music and art have been extremely helpful in the creation of the characters and setting for this series of stories. Bill lives and works in Nashville, TN and has a busy life with music, art and writing.

Here's one of Bill's children's book concepts:

The General Store Gang
(A Senate Records Production | Coming Spring 2008)

The Primary Characters in the adventures are:

  • Josh (Joshua) who is 8-years-old, an all-American boy with red hair, freckles, and a great love for bikes, baseball and adventure.

  • Ike (Issac). 7-years-old. Seven-and-a-half to anyone who asks. Handsome, African-American boy who is Josh's best friend and Sunday School Classmate; loves baseball, soccer and any adventure.

  • Mary, 8-years-old. Beautiful young girl whose mother is blond, blue-eyed and whose father is part Navajo. She has her mother's hair and eyes and her father's strong features and love of nature. Loves bikes, hiking, camping and being with her friends. Mary is also a Sunday School classmate who never misses a chance to participate in an adventure.

  • Mr. Dave (David) is the owner of the general store. He is in his 40's and teaches the kid's Sunday School class. Because he is the kid's mentor, he can help them learn about real life outside the class.

The Setting:

Small town America. A place where kids can still ride their bikes around town without the fear of crime. There are county fairs, rodeos and small town values. Families still go on picnics and have dinner together. There are a few somewhat unsavory folks and one or two bullies in town, but the interaction with them is part of the teaching of life's lessons.

The Concept:

Mr. Dave teaches Sunday School at the local church and is the kid's best grown-up friend. He also owns the General Store. The first story tells the history of the store and why its important to the story line. Mr. Dave interacts with the kids during the week and reinforces the lessons he teaches them on Sunday. He also helps them to bring the Bible lessons off the pages and into real life. Like all of us, he sometimes falls on hard times and has his share of problems. The kids and their families sometimes have problems as well and the stories show how the lessons learned in God's Word should be used to deal with real life problems.

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