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Hugh Hession has been involved in music for over 25 years of his life as a vocalist, keyboardist, composer, producer, session player and instructor. Hugh HessionGrowing up in the Midwest, he became intrigued with music at an early age when his aunt bought him his first record: Diana Ross presents "The Jackson Five." Hugh would listen to it for hours; memorizing all the words and voice inflections. At 5 years of age, Hugh learned how much he loved to sing.

Sitting down at the old upright piano in his living room, he started to hammer away. Though the sound of the dissonant notes clashing together was no doubt annoying - he looked up and exclaimed: "Mom - I want to play rock-n-roll!"

Hugh got his first taste of being in a band at 14. "There were always guitar players, but never any singers" laughs Hugh. "I was the only guy who could sing Deep Purple and Styx. I kinda fell into it by default."

As the years progressed, Hession played keyboards and sang lead for a variety of bands ranging from Rock to Top 40, revolving around the Midwestern U.S. At age 20, he joined forces with a band whose members had previously encountered regional success, having sold 10,000 units of their independent release. Along with an energetic original set, their niche was arranging and performing medleys of classic rock bands that were difficult to cover. With three formidable vocalists and exceptional musical ability, they consistently packed clubs playing songs by Yes, Boston, Styx, Journey, Kansas, The Who, Jethro Tull and Queen. Because of their popularity, they were given opportunities to share the stage with an array of legendary rock acts.

At 21, Hugh's band entered into the Yamaha Soundcheck Competition out of Los Angeles, California. This national contest helped unsigned bands gain exposure within the music industry. The judging panel was comprised of a variety of major record company executives, producers and recording artists. In the end, Hugh's band was chosen as one of the Top 100 bands in the United States. As a result, many prominent entertainment management companies started to take interest. Unfortunately, the band never got its due. "Every once in a while, the window of opportunity opens in this business." -says Hugh. "And when it does, everything needs to be in alignment to meet that opportunity. You can have all the talent in the world-but that still doesn't mean the break will come through."

After a four year hiatus, Hugh decided to jump back into music, making a shift to the business end of the industry. Rubicon Entertainment became the catalyst for that transition, as Hession's newly founded entertainment company began managing regional acts in addition to concentrating on artist promotion. His publicity efforts garnered much acclaim for his clients - especially in the European markets - where he proved successful in pitching his clients to garner opportunities. As an avid writer, Hession also authored many music articles for magazines, fanzines and various internet music sites.

In 2005, after having a life-changing encounter with God, Hugh found opportunity within the Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) genre. He began writing songs and producing for other artists. His song "Believe" reached the #3 position on the LoudCity.com charts which sparked interest from Sociology Publishing out of Macon, GA to sign him to demo deal. He is currently working on his long awaited debut CD.

In addition to his studio work, Hugh was a semi-finalist in the 2008 The UK Songwriting Competition (out of 6400 entries) for his country ballad "Start Over." Hugh was also a semi-finalist in the 2005 Contemporary Christian Music International Competition.

Hugh's biggest musical influences growing up included Billy Joel ("I wore The Stranger out," says Hugh), Elton John and Journey although he was also heavily influenced by R&B. Hugh enjoys an eclectic mix of music including Jazz, Blues, Country, R&B, Rock, Christian Contemporary and Gospel.

Currently, Hugh is a worship leader at Harvest Cathedral Church (Pastor Steve Sawyer) and most recently, Friday Night Live - an outreach ministry that is headed by Gary Lamb. Hugh is also keyboardist for The Joey Stuckey Band and continues to play studio sessions for a variety of local and regional artists. He offers his services as an artist coach/consultant and writes for his blog, www.makingitinmusic.net.

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