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LaTania Wright knew ever since she was a little girl growing up in Georgia that writing was in her blood. As many young girls do, it all started with poetry, which turned to short stories, and eventually she gained national attention as a published writer for a children's book on September 11th titled "A Day I'll Never Forget."

Later, after promoting her children's book in public schools and public speaking engagements, LaTania decided to try her hand at music journalism. As a country music journalist, LaTania got the opportunity to meet and interview several of today's hottest country music artists. This experience poured fuel on the fire of this poet/writer turned lyricist. Realizing that she had the potential to write songs that were as good, if not better, than what she was hearing on the radio; she was led to look deeper into a career as a professional lyricist. For the last 10 years LaTania has been writing songs, looking for "the right co-writers and publisher" to work with. Finally, this has taken on reality with Joey and Jennifer Stuckey and Sociology Publishing.

"There have been other co-writers that have come before this contract, but this is the closest as I have come to getting the quality output of what I hear in my head. Joey Stuckey is a music magician, I am an excellent lyricist who can't sing well; only a man with vision could create these songs so magnificently."

Most recently, writing with her sister, Jennifer Green, has proven to be more than enjoyable, quite successful too. These girls live country and write country. They will take the most seemingly insignificant part of a day, happening, or mood, and write a song about it. They have a way of feeding off each other's thoughts and feelings and come up with phrases that will make you chuckle, touch your heart, or flat out stomp on it, if the mood fits.

Currently, LaTania Wright's music is being shopped to major labels. Her songs are being kept for review by artists like Gretchen Wilson, Jo Dee Mesina, Jessica Andrews, and others. It is only a matter of time before her songs are hits. She is excited to be working with someone of Joey Stuckey's caliber and is excited to be part of Sociology Publishing. A special thanks also to Chris Keaton for his efforts in song plugging!

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