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Tom Rule - Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Master of Music in Piano Performance at University of South Carolina. Tom Rule has crammed in more performing in more styles and has more stories than anyone his age has a right to expect!

He also has the skills to match those wildly varying interests. He has performed all over the Eastern U.S.A. with various groups. Most recently, he has concentrated on things closer to home (Macon, Georgia), performing with groups as diverse as the Joey Stuckey Band, Grapevine, The Bob Huellemeir Big Band, the Macon State College Singers, and his own band Tom & Co.

Tom's last album, "Seasons" was recorded with Tom & Co. Like the CD cover says, this is "instrumental music that is fun for your feet and bodacious for your brain." The band specializes in arrangements of traditional church tunes like "Silent Night," "At The Cross," "Gentle Mary Laid Her Child," "We Three Kings," and others. The complete track list is available at www.tom-and-co.com/tracklist.html. "The hope is," Tom said recently, "that the sounds and arrangements will catch the ear, and bring back to mind the original lyrics. You don't have to know the original tunes to enjoy this album, but it does add an extra dimension to enjoyment!" Take a listen to the smoky jazz club feel of "I Surrender All," the new-age-crosses-contemporary version of "O Come, Let Us Adore Him," or the intimate inside-the-piano version of "At The Cross" - complete with chords and harmonies you just aren't going to hear in most churches (or on radio, for that matter) The real sonic treat though, is "We Three Kings" - think Renaissance Band at the King's Court, a pipe organ in a smoke-filled darkly-lit jazz club, some seriously kickin' grooves and surprising solos from sax and piano. It's a great package just filled with ear candy, worthy of multiple listens. "We Three Kings" was inspired by the California Raisins (!) Tom explained in a recent interview that "The Claymation Christmas" special from several years ago has this really cool version of "Three Kings." The "Kings" sang the verses in an operatic style and the camels interrupted them with this swing version of the chorus. It inspired this arrangement of the tune, which I've always loved."

There's also a puzzle on the cover! For details, check out the band's website at www.tom-and-co.com.

Also, listen to "Sunday Brunch," co written with Joey Stuckey and recorded at Shadow Sound Studio.

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